Aquaspin | Become a franchisee
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Become a franchisee

Proven Concept

Aqua biking has been a prominent workout in Europe for 10 years.
This workout technique is now making waves internationally, and Aquaspin™ is the pioneer brand with a turnkey approach to opening new SUCCESSFUL studios!
We have worked with facilities in Singapore and abroad (hotels, country clubs, swim schools) all of which have been immensely successful.
Contact us, we will show you why you can’t miss this opportunity, numbers in hand!

Leverage our experience

We are owners – We think like owners

We provide a long-term partnership, not a quick sell. We work hand in hand with our franchisees because that’s the best way to succed!
After 5 years in the industry we have been through the sweat and tears. Skip all that and tap on our experience with our own and numerous franchised facilities to ensure a successful launch from Day 1.

Create a new revenue stream

By introducing new, high quality wellness activity you can attract new members, keep your loyal ones and turn your pool from a cost to a lucrative revenue centre!

Credit Terms

Looking to add a revolutionary fitness technique, without a huge budget?
We believe in our incredible service and we are ready to help you invest in Aquaspin™ by becoming business partners. We definitely put our money where our mouth is!
To learn more on pricing and payment facilities please contact us

Excellent ROI

By increasing the utilisation of your facility, and generating new income streams. We provide a solution which requires low investment, is easy to implement, and highly profitable.
Join other facilities which have generated 300% return on investment in their first year, and payback periods within two quarters!
To get more info on our ROI and payback period please contact us


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your aqua bikes from?

The bike frame is made in Spain with marine grade 306L stainless steel, and the pedals are from France. A 100% European quality product!

Are they easy to move around?

Yes they have small wheels at the front so they roll around. A bike is 20kg and can be carried very easily.

Will the bikes damage my pool?

Absolutely not! The bikes roll against the side wall of the pool then a large suction pad or plastic pad (depending on model) will be the only part touching the pool floor. In 5 years using them on almost 15 different pools, we never damaged tiles / pool floor.

Do I need lots of space for storage?

Not at all. Stacked neatly our bikes do not take lots of space. You can also leave them outdoors.

Is there a warranty on the bikes?

Yes, there is a warranty of 5 years and they are very low maintenance. If you have any issues with the bikes we will provide our assistance.

How long does it take to ship the bikes?

Between 2 weeks to a month depending on how far you are from Spain!

When is the best time to start Aquaspin™ classes?

We usually recommend starting the activity in January or during spring to fit with consumers’ demand.

Generate extra revenue today with Aquaspin™