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A short story

It all started when…


I got diagnosed with a patellofemoral syndrome in 2007. I had to stop all impact sports and was SO frustrated with the limited choices I had until I heard of Aqua biking.


That was a R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N !
I could finally get a high intensity workout WITHOUT worrying about injuries!


When I moved to Singapore in 2011 I realised no one had heard of Aqua biking. Convinced that we could change peoples lives through this amazing activity, my partner Yannick Dedigama and I launched Aquaspin™ in 2012.


Alicia Antonuccio – Co-Founder

What is Aquaspin™

Aquaspin™ uses stationary bicycles specially made to be submerged in water, where participants (partially submerged) can pedal using the resistance of the water to exercise.


We provide fun and interactive group classes to our Riders, using specialised equipment and key motivational techniques.

Our offer: A key in hand solution

  • Aqua bike purchase
  • P.R.O certification
  • Choreographed programs and playlists
  • Branding and Marketing

Our workouts

We offer different programs to suit different needs.


AQUA SIGNATURE is a 45 minute High Intensity Interval Training class designed for results! The class combines upper body, lower body and core focused segments to provide a truly full body workout with a focus on building cardio stamina which helps to tone and sculpt the body.


AQUA ENDURE is a 50-minute aerobic-zone training class designed with the endurance athlete in mind. Aqua ENDURE is a cycling-focused class that challenges riders to endure long periods of intense riding, along with a “team challenge” element that mimics the competition environment. Unlike Aqua Signature, Aqua ENDURE takes riders on a mental and physical journey through long-duration aerobic efforts over variable terrain.


AQUA POWER is a 45-minute circuit-training class designed to push the limits of aquatic exercise by integrating Aquaspin, power training, and short-burst cardio intervals for a maximum-intensity training experience. Suitable for all levels, Aqua POWER is scalable to all riders’ abilities since intervals are performed for time, not repetitions, and movements can be scaled up or down accordingly.

Our mission

Aquaspin™ is a global brand with a local feel.


We deliver a consistently effective, internationally recognised aqua fitness product via our worldwide network of passionate and professional team members.


Our quality-over quantity approach means that Aquaspin™ programmes are industry leading, client driven and community focused.